Best Dentist I ever went to! Dr. Cai Rocks!

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OMG I don’t know where to begin. I have always had bad experiences at the dentist office because doctors would be so heavy handed with the needles and etc so I stop going for a long time. I went to one dentist and they told me I needed all 4 front teeth pulled because of the damage and wholes that I had but after talking with Dr. Cai he said he was certain I would be confident with getting them filled and I could smile again. Best feeling in the world. I didn’t even hurt doing my fill ins and extractions. Dr. Cah is one of the first doctors to use the numb gel before he starts using the needles and I couldn’t be more thankful and happy for a Dentist Doctor like Dr. Cai. The absolute best. Me and my family will be going to him from now on. I love this guy! My fears of dentists are over, but it’s all thanks to Dr. Cai. Mrs. Lisa was so friendly and we had great conversation. It’s almost like I knew her. You don’t find to many like Mrs. Lisa that is for sure. Love her smile, attitude and just making us feel comfortable. Thank you Sudley Manor Dental Care, Dr. Cai and Mrs. Lisa

Julian Gaston , NC January 27, 2017